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New Podcast of Doom (transcript):

While Doom DeLuise is MIA, Doominator and I recorded a podcast in his absence. Read along as two people with bad memories and limited grasp on recent events attempt to speculate on the Secret Invasion!

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JIM DOOM: Hello and welcome to the latest Podcast of Doom. I’m Jim Doom, and filling in for Doom DeLuise this week is Doominator. Good afternoon, Doominator. What’s on your mind this week?

DOOMINATOR: This Secret Invasion business – how is it going to relate to the plot in X-Men from a few years ago, where Wolverine was a Skrull imposter?

JD: Man, I don’t know, but I think there’s a decent chance Wolverine is going to end up being a Skrull, or at least that there is a Wolverine Skrull running around.

I was thinking about how he “died” and was resurrected by The Hand, which has been run by Elektra, who is now revealed to be a Skrull.

Also, I’ve been re-reading New Avengers, and when they went to the Savage Land in pursuit of Sauron in the early issues, Wolverine was there and he came to them. Makes me wonder if he was a Skrull and became “Wolverine” in order to buy some time for the Skrulls there by distracting the New Avengers.

I mean just think about it, what’s the point of making Elektra a skrull? Isn’t Wolverine really the only character to have any kind of meaningful interaction with her over the past few years?

D: and Xavier leading a team of Skrulls around the time of the maximum security plotline.

JD: When was that?

D: Here, I printed this out for you. (Editor’s note: view the information Doominator printed out here)

JD: Hmm. Says here they had “innate powers.” That’s probably significant, because what’s being seen with these new Skrulls is that they have powers beyond just shapeshifting.

D: And outside of the traditional Super Skrull.

JD: You know what, Bendis wrote an interaction between Elektra and Daredevil toward the end of his run, if I remember right. And Matt kind of professed his love, or at least some regret that things weren’t like they used to be, and she had no reaction. He of course beat himself up over that, but that would make sense if she wasn’t actually Elektra.

D: Has she ever been? Maybe she wasn’t resurrected at all.

JD: Yeah, like maybe she was just killed by Bullseye – the end.

D: Which would suck for the three fans of her ongoing from 96.

Linux is a force of evil … so says Tony Stark

File this under “WTF?” Our beloved Iron Man, the drunk ol’ asshole who no one seems to like right now has a new facet to upset Bloggers, developers, crackers, Linux users and

In this bit of news, it seems ol’ shellhead is going to be taking on a new force of evil. In the absense of Soviet Union and Crimson Dynamo representing the anti-American forces of Communism, collectivism and anti-capitalism, we have a new behemoth – nerds who like to create free software. Here’s a little sample of writer Matt Fraction’s take on villian Ezekial Stane:

Zeke is a post-national business man and kind of an open source ideological terrorist… He has absolutely no loyalty to any sort of law, creed, or credo. He doesn’t want to beat Tony Stark, he wants to make him obsolete.

Quick, delete your copies of GIMP, Firefox, Adium and NeoOffice and burn that Ubuntu-based laptop. Do it in the name of our hero, Tony Stark, a drunk who dresses like a robot.

Why Can’t Magic Make Sense?

shazam12Some twenty months after “Brave New World,” the Trials of Shazam mini-series has finally concluded, leaving in its wake a new status quo for the Marvel Family, repleat with name changes, costume changes, and even a few changes in the core members. Oh, and the source of their powers has kind of changed too, I think. Depends on who you ask, I suppose.

Way back when this mini-series began, in September of 2006, I came right out and said that Trials of Shazam was, “my new favorite comic book.” Some claimed I was riding some sort of Hyperbole Train, whatever that means, but I stand by the claim. Throughout this series, the art has been nothing short of spectacular, and the characters and actions have been genuinely engaging. Sure, the delays friggin’ tanked a lot of the momentum; however, I’m certain that many will agree, for whatever reason, that it would probably read a lot better in one sitting.

With that aside, let’s forget about the merits of the story itself for a little bit and talk about what, exactly, it has established within the world of magic in the DCU. (more…)

No one was safe

Walking Dead 48SPOILER ALERT!! If you haven’t read The Walking Dead #48 yet, you’re better off just checking out Mary Marvel’s rack. I wouldn’t want to ruin anything for you.

Holy frak. Robert Kirkman was not kidding when he named the latest storyline in The Walking Dead “No One Is Safe.” I don’t remember the last time the direction of a book was altered so drastically in such a short period of time. DC might kill off Batman and Marvel might retcon the Peter/MJ marriage, but we all know when those stories have run their course, everything will be back to the way it always has been. But the same can’t be said for The Walking Dead.

The only status quo in TWD is that there is no status quo.

The Walking Dead #46 featuring the beheading of Tyrese, the second male lead in the series.

The Walking Dead #47 including the death of avuncular convict Axel.

But that was all small potatoes compared to what happened in The Walking Dead #48. (more…)

This week in Secret Invasion:
Secret Invasion #1

Secret Invasion #1 opens with a Skrull history lesson, explaining how the Throneworld had been destroyed, fulfilling the Queen’s prophecy. She kicks off the series by saying “Then here’s what shall be done…”

Cut to Stark Laboratory. Tony Stark is explaining the potential scope of the Skrull Invasion to Reed Richards and Henry Pym, accompanied by the visual aide of Skrull Elektra’s corpse. He says he’s turning to them because they’re the smartest men on the planet, even though he’s not sure if they are who they say they are.

Up in orbit at S.W.O.R.D. headquarters, Dum Dum Dugan docks as a Skrull ship passes the satellite base, headed toward the Savage Land.

Back at Stark’s lab, the three scientists are trying to figure out how Skrull Elektra remained completely undetectable to mutant powers, magic and technology. Hank Pym plants the seed of paranoia into Tony Stark’s head, suggesting maybe the Skrulls are detectable, and the Avengers who told Stark otherwise were just lying to him (that would be Dr. Strange and Wolverine by my count). Stark gets a call from Maria Hill that the Skrull ship has crashed in the Savage Land. He decides to follow up and tells the two doctors he’ll check in later.

He calls in to Avengers headquarters, where Spider-Woman and Jarvis are the only ones around. He tells Spider-Woman that a Skrull ship just crashed in the Savage Land. She calls Luke Cage to tell him about the crash, suggesting he and her old teammates could get a head start on Iron Man and the Mighty Avengers. Cage calls Cloak, who drops the New Avengers off on top of Avengers Tower so they can steal the Quinjet and fly south.

Countdown to BOOBS!

Countdown 4

In case anyone was wondering, yes, Mary Marvel does in fact have boobs. See? They’re right up there. Nice and big, so you can really get a sense of how her boobs define her character. Also of note: Mary’s left boob, the logical thinking one, is evil, while her right bood, the creative one, is good. Now that all of the boob-related concerns have been addressed, we can get down to business. (more…)