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Becoming the hero, and fleeing in terror OR why I won’t cosplay now or ever

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Halloween, 1993. I’m nine-years-old, and hopelessly addicted to the X-Men. Yes, little has changed. But I decided that year that the best idea ever is to make my own X-Men costume. For some reason, at this time, there weren’t any or many cheap vinyl X-Men costumes at Wal-Mart or ShopKo.

I wanted to be Cyclops, but on allowance wages, that was a bit much to buy in raw material. But hey, I had the right stuff for Wolverine, by which I mean yellow basketball uniforms and plastic milk jugs.

First Look at the First Avenger

captain america the first avenger
Over on Ain’t It Cool News, they’ve broken a story for the first time in probably two years that wasn’t first posted by Deadline Hollywood. And the funny thing is, they completely lucked into it!

They originally reported that this was concept art drawn by a fan based off a description from a source on JoBlo, but it turns out that the “fan art” is actually the original concept art that JoBlo was given but told they couldn’t show. Well, since it got out, I guess Marvel just figured they may as well leave it out, so Ain’t It Cool actually broke a story! Good for them.

Anyway, I think it looks pretty sweet. Though, if the suspenders aren’t attached to a parachute, they just come across as kind of dorky and needlessly forcing the red-and-white stripes design from the comics. I mean, I understand they’re trying to make the stripes serve a practical purpose, but holding up Cap’s bloomers isn’t the most interesting purpose.

This reminds me a lot of the first picture they released of the Iron Man Mark 1 costume. It looks really cool, but there’s a part of you that just doesn’t want to get your hopes up too high. Here’s hoping this is just a taste of more cool stuff to come.