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It’s Really Happening, Isn’t It?

avengers promo poster

I never thought I’d see the day, but there it is. This image is from the Licensing International Expo in Vegas, which means this is the promo picture they’ll be plastering all over toys, lunchboxes, etc. It may just be me, but seeing these characters all together is without a doubt the coolest thing I’ve seen in awhile. This can’t come soon enough.

Found This on Reddit Today

Rank of every comic movie ever made, as listed on Metacritic:

Doom and Doomer: X-Men: First Class

xmen first class poster
DOOM DELUISE: This past weekend, X-Men: First Class came out, and the two of us went and saw it together on Sunday. Immediately after leaving the theatre, what were some of your initial impressions, as far as what worked, what things you enjoyed, and what you felt came up short?

DOOM, WHERE’S MY CAR?: Well, overall I’d say it was a good movie, very enjoyable, but a bit too long.

DD: It clocks in at 132 minutes, for the record.

DWMC: I loved the casting of Magneto, and Professor X was good too.

See, my internal clock put it at forever long, so that’s interesting.

I loved the first hour, but as we moved away from Magneto’s revenge story and got swept up in the scope of history, it began to feel a bit muddled.

What about you?

Doom and Doomer: Thor

thor movie posterJIM DOOM: So Thor.

I’m not sure what to say to open this other than that I didn’t read much of anything Thor related ever except for when he’d show up in big crossovers and get killed or something.

So I feel that my thoughts are solely based in reflections on Thor: the movie and not Thor: the comic book adaptation.

What’s your Thor background going into this?

And feel free to be long-winded because I need another beer.

DOOM DeLUISE: Very limited. I read some Mighty Thor comics back in the early 90s, when he had a big beard. Also, I remember him being really cool in the Return of the Hulk, the made-for-TV movie that was an extension of the Incredible Hulk TV show, starring Bill Bixby and Lou Ferigno.

I knew about the Bifrost Bridge, and I knew most of the characters from the movie, but I can’t say I’ve ever been an avid Thor reader.

That said, I think his movie is super fun.

The most convincing argument about DC’s reboot

I’ve been kind of back and forth on DC’s announced reboot of its entire universe in August. I can see the pros and cons, and I still haven’t been sure whether I think it’ll be the final straw that gets me to bail on comics (or at least DC comics) once and for all. But at the very least, it’s led to some interesting commentary in comicsblogland. Take this column from Michael Breakfield of Lone Star comics, for example, where he comes out in full support of the move (emphasis mine):

I think it’s a great idea.

First, I’m excited about the prospect of reading a Justice League comic written by master scribe Geoff Johns, one of the best comic artists of the last twenty years. That is All Star talent for an All Star book.
Another reason this is a great idea is that it’s been done before, and it worked. In the mid-90s, Marvel did this very thing–perhaps on a smaller scale, but nonetheless successfully. In the wake of Onslaught, the world thought that its greatest heroes sacrificed themselves to save the world. They were in fact saved by Franklin Richard’s mostly untapped cosmic powers and the universe of Heroes Reborn was created. For the first time in Marvel’s publishing history Captain America, Fantastic Four, Iron Man and the Avengers existed outside of the 616 and their comics restarted from issue #1. And like DC is doing now, Marvel turned the reigns of their flagship characters over to the best the business had to offer. Jim Lee, Rob Liefeld, Jim Valentino, Jeph Loeb, Walt Simonson, Chuck Dixon, Brett Booth, Ron Lim, and Whilce Portacio–this was the All Star creative team behind this endeavor. The Marvel Universe was re-imagined by a new generation of superstars for a new generation of readers. Heroes Reborn paved the way for Heroes Return, which brought Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and Marvel’s First Family back to the fold of the Marvel Universe proper for a renaissance.

Get that? This is apparently a great idea because it’s like the frequently delayed and inconsistent Heroes Reborn and the subsequent Heroes Return — where Marvel undid Heroes Reborn and brought everyone back to the regular Marvel Universe. Good grief. That’s an endorsement?

So yeah, consider me convinced. This is a terrible idea.