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Why I’m glad I quit reading Captain America in one sentence

From my google reader today:

“CBR spoke with ‘Captain America’ writer Rick Remender about his protagonist’s battle to recover his foster son from the villainous Arnim Zola and escape the nightmarish reality known as Dimension Z.”

Click here if you want to read the interview. Maybe it’s good.

(If you’d like to read about why I quit reading Captain America in many more sentences, there’s this.)

Skip Ender’s Game

The trailer for Ender’s Game, which hits theaters this November, was released this week. As a geek and a sci-fi fan, I should be excited. But as a gay man, I have a different reaction:


You see, Orson Scott Card, the creator of the book and executive producer of the movie, is a rampant homophobe. I could give you the details myself, but you can find them better written and researched here and here. In short, he’s a crusader against marriage equality, claims all homosexuals are that way because they were molested as children, and writes stories punishing men for having gay sex. What a guy!

Do you really want to give this guy a single penny to add to his existing fortune? Me neither.