Monthly archives: October, 2010

Breaking News:
Zack Snyder to Ruin Next Superman Movie reported earlier tonight that Warner Bros. has chosen terrible director Zack Snyder to ruin the next installment in the Superman movie franchise. After weeks of speculation that a talented director such as Christopher Nolan or Darren Aronofsky could potentially helm the picture, the film studio decided to go with a director known for making horrendous adaptations of popular comic books to continue in the tradition of making Superman movies that no one enjoys.

Snyder has directed two bad comic book adaptations previously in his lackluster career. 2007’s 300 was an overtly homoerotic film enjoyed by dozens of movie-goers in 3-10 minute fits of masturbation. It also incorporated extended scenes of women writhing underwater to try to trick straight viewers into enjoying the horrible movie. 2009’s Watchmen was an abysmal cinematic translation of what most consider the greatest comic book ever created. Snyder managed to include the overly violent fight scenes and multiple shots of giant blue penises that were critical to the source material while avoiding any of the deeply emotional and thought-provoking aspects of the story.

Snyder plans to begin work on his atrocious Superman film as soon as his stupid movie about owls comes out and he finishes up his assumedly awful movie Sucker Punch.

24 Hour Comics Day Happened

Hopefully within the next few days, we’ll be sharing the comics created by Fin Fang Doom, Doom DeLuise, Doominator and me. We all four participated this year at Krypton Comics, and we all four conquered the day.