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Doom & Doomer: The Dark Knight Rises

dark knight rises international posterDOOM DELUISE: Ok, so Nolan’s Batman Trilogy is over. I don’t know about you, but this conclusion isn’t at all what I expected, but we can get back to that. Overall, all things considered, would you say this is a satisfying final chapter, or did you leave the theater wanting more from it, or, at least, something different?

JIM DOOM: My gut reaction was disappointment. I won’t say necessarily that it’s not what I wanted, but I wanted to leave with the feeling I left with after seeing The Dark Knight, and I didn’t get that. That said, the more I thought about it, the more I guess I appreciated it as the closing chapter to the trilogy.

In what way was it not what you expected? I’m not sure I can really articulate that just yet. (more…)

The Amazing Spider-Man Review in 5 Seconds

DOOM DELUISE: Here’s a preview of my thoughts on The Amazing Spider-Man: IT STINKS!


Jim Doom’s Greatest (Photoshopped) Hits

Over the years, Jim Doom has been my go-to guy whenever I need a good Photoshop done of a photo. He’s real good and super funny. This morning, I decided that the best way to spend my day would be going through his old posts to find his best Photoshopped pictures he’s ever done. And, since I’m the Greatest Guy in the Universe, I’ve compiled my Top Five Favorites, posted here for your viewing pleasure. On to the show!

6. Actually, Top Six Favorites. I just couldn’t resist posting this. This was during that whole Batman RIP / Final Crisis fiasco:


A Matter of Willpower

“Three-hundred-mile-thick wall of pure damn willpower slowed him down. Thin green line will stop ‘im cold.”
– Guy Gardner, Infinite Crisis #7

green lantern logo

I used to be a smoker. Before you say anything, I am well aware that it is the single stupidest thing you can do to your body outside of actually committing suicide. In a way, it is suicide – – it just takes a longer time to get the job done. And it doesn’t do anything for you. Like, at all. It just makes you smell like old musty newspapers mixed with rotting food. So I quit. A lot of people talk about how hard it is, and, yeah, it can be a little difficult at times, but, for the most part, I’m not having any trouble with it at all. I’m posting this to share my method.

One of the main things about quitting smoking is that you have a lot of positive memories of smoking. So a trick you can do is, when you get a craving, you need to replace that absent, longing feeling with a positive thought that reminds you of what you’ve gained by quitting. A co-worker of mine told me that (actually, that’s not true, but I don’t want to sound like a pompous ass by saying I just thought of it myself), and I immediately knew what my thought had to be. Whenever I craved one of those nasty little bastards, I simply thought of the man who is able to overcome great fear through pure damn willpower:

Green Lantern.

Every single time that I think about wanting a cigarette, images of my favorite superhero float through my head instead, both distracting me and simultaneously filling my brain with positive thoughts that have nothing to do with smoking.

Give it a shot. It’s working really well for me.