Worst Single Issue of 2009

Jim Doom: (tie) Superman Beyond 3D #2; Final Crisis #6; Final Crisis #7; Final Crisis: Secret Files #1; Final Crisis: Revelations #5!

The extreme disappointment with Final Crisis has been well documented on this site, but I’m not sure I have ever been so consistently punched in the face and then kicked in the gut while on the ground with so many different issues in such a short span of time. In the early part of 2009, there was a flood of Final Crisis books that came to wrap up the event and start answering the big questions.

It ended up being little more than a shaggy dog story with sequential art. It felt less like a story than a con, as several crossover minis and the main series ended with slight variations on “…and then everything went back to how it was.”

Honorable Mention: Daredevil: Dark Reign: The List #1. It may be unfair to single out this book, but I felt like this was a perfect representation of the evolution of Marvel’s greediness. Much of this issue had already been given away in Daredevil #500. This issue also included a lengthy preview of Daredevil #501. There were approximately 10 pages of unique content. It cost $3.99.

Here were our biggest wastes of $3 (or $4) in previous years:

Jim Doom: Final Crisis #1
Doom DeLuise: DC Universe #0

Doom DeLuise: Amazing Spider-Man #545 (end of One More Day)
Jim Doom: Marvel Zombies: Dead Days
Doominator: Ultimates 3 #1
Fin Fang Doom: Marvel Zombies: The Book of Angels, Demons & Various Monstrosities

Doom DeLuise: Every issue of Nightwing
Jim Doom: Nightwing #124
Fin Fang Doom: Nightwing #124

Jean-Claude Van Doom: “The issue of The Other in which Spider-Man decides to put Mary Jane and Aunt May into old Iron Man suits and run around Doctor Doom’s castle” (Marvel Knights Spider-Man #20)
Fin Fang Doom: Marvel Knights Spider-Man #20