Disassembled Avengers perhaps reassembled

So Marvel is cancelling all the Avengers books, with the obvious assumption that they’ll bring back the adjectiveless Avengers and resume the original numbering.

New Avengers and Mighty Avengers used to be two of my favorite monthly books. Then New Avengers jumped to $3.99 a month and Dark Avengers showed up. I wasn’t going to give in to the inflated price tag, so assuming that the events of Mighty Avengers would be tied in with what was happening in the $4 Avenger books, I just decided to drop Avengers books completely.

When Siege #1 was about to come out a few weeks ago, I remember feeling almost bummed. I hadn’t read anything positive about the buildup to this latest huge event, but I was still kind of sad at the awareness that I was growing away from the comics I used to enjoy so much. A few years ago, I would’ve been such a loyal Avengers comics reader that I would’ve picked up Siege regardless of whether or not it looked good — it would’ve just been the next chapter in wherever these stories were going.

Things I’m still curious about:
– Would a new “The Avengers” book retain the $3.99 price of New Avengers or the $2.99 price of Mighty?
– Which — if any, if not all — of the current Avengers titles will be used to calculate the new numbering. Will they pick up at #505? Or will they add up every New, Mighty and Dark issue and combine that with the original run?