DC Brings Back The Humor

DC today announced Justice League: Generation Lost as a 26 issues bi-weekly series.  It is the same format as the Brightest Day series announced yesterday.  Essnetially the two books with trade off each week.  The surprising thing about Generation Lost is that it will feature the classic Justice League International team, comedy and all.  It will be co written by Judd Winnick and Keith Giffen.  The two were interviewed at newsarama making it pretty clear they are going for comedy.  On top of that the original writing team of JLI, Giffen and JM DeMatteis, fresh off their entertaining Metal Men co feature in Doom Patrol will be taking over Booster Gold sometime this year.  Saddly there is no word on what artist Kevin Maguire will be doing but hopefully he will be involved in one or both of these books in some way.

I personally think all of this is great news but I honestly don’t know how well it will do.  It is banking on a nostalgia of sorts with the revival of the sitcom style superheroes.  Hopefully most are like me and are looking for something more fun and light hearted like this to help scrub away the overly serious grim and gritty elements of many superheros titles in recent years, of which most of the JLI characters took the worst of the grim and gritty abuse.  Thankfully it is structured to be separate from the Brightest Day events so people will not be force to feel like they  have to read it for continuity’s sake.  It can just be read for the sake of entertainment.