Some news from SDCC

A few bits of interesting news came out of SDCC today. Well, interesting to me at least. Remember when every bit of news that came out of this con was interesting?

-At an X-Men panel, X-Force writer Craig Kyle said “16 million mutants will be brought back in Necrosha.” Necrosha is an X-Force/New Mutants/X-Men Legacy crossover coming out in October. Now that Magneto, Professor X, Polaris, Quicksilver and Iceman (the big five that were depowered after House of M) all have their powers back, it makes sense that Marvel would just say “frak it” and bring back the whole lot. Of course, with “Necro” in the title, they could be zombies. Ugh.

-At the Cup of Joe panel, Joe Quesada announced that Marvel now own the rights to Marvelman, which American audiences probably know better as Miracleman. Marvel has also announced that it’s the biggest news of the convention. But is it really? Sure, I’d like to read Marvelman when Marvel releases it in trades, but I don’t think the series has been on comic fans’ minds for a long, long time. Seems like a case of too little too late if you ask me.

-Robert Kirkman announced that Astounding Wolf-Man will end with issue #25. That’s not very surprising. I can’t imagine the series sells that well, certainly not anywhere close to the level of The Walking Dead or Invincible. Speaking of Invincible, there’s going to be a Return of Invincible one-shot later in the year. Strange…I didn’t realize he had left.

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