Bone is Back!


Some great news has already come out of the San Diego Comic-Con for fans of Jeff Smith and his classic all-ages epic Bone: a series of brand new Bone graphic novels, starting next summer! Graphix, the imprint of Scholastic books that recently released the entire Bone saga in color for the first time, will publish at least four GNs, drawn by Smith and written by Smith and Tom Sniegoski, the guy who wrote the Stupid, Stupid Rat Tails mini-series.

I couldn’t be more surprised or overjoyed at this announcement. Bone is without a doubt my favorite comic story of all time. But with Jeff Smith hard at work on his new series Rasl (which is thankfully switching to a bi-monthly schedule pretty soon), I figured he had left the world of Bone behind for good. While this likely will be stories set before or during the events of the actual series and not a continuation of the story of the Bone cousins, I’m really excited to return to the world that introduced me to comics outside of Spider-Man and X-Men.