Justice League: The Next Generation

JLA The Next GenerationAt a panel at SDCC this afternoon, DC revealed four characters who will be part of the James Robinson/Mark Bagley Justice League in a few months, as well as a cover with the rest of the line-up in silhouette. Aside from Hal Jordan, the three characters revealed (Donna Troy, Mon-El and Dick Grayson) are quite clearly intended to be the junior versions of the Big Three. One more character can be seen wielding a bow, so it’s likely that a member of the Arrow family is on the squad as well. Going with the theme, Red Arrow or Connor Hawke seem more likely, but it’d be cool to see Hal Jordan and Oliver Queen initiating a new generation of heroes into the Justice League. It also looks like that might be Starfire flying in on the right. Perhaps the large furry thing at the top is Beast Boy, and the caped figure in the back is Raven? Could this be a reunion of the New Teen Titans as the New Justice League of America?