Worst Villain of 2008

death of the new gods 7Doom DeLuise says: Infinity-Man!

I’m sure there are stupider villains in the past, but this one should damn near come close to taking the cake for the worst villain of all time.

In DONG #7, it’s revealed that the killer of the New Gods is this guy, Infinity-Man, working on behalf of the Source itself. Eventually, he finishes his work (kind of; he didn’t get to Metron before he died), and the Source bonds with Anti-Life, thus merging New Genesis and Apokolips and creating a new “Fifth World.”

Only, wait. None of that actually happened. The entirety of Death of the New Gods was directly contradicted by Countdown to Final Crisis and, later, Final Crisis itself.

Oh well, what the hell. Infinity-Man was a badguy for a day. And, for some reason that I can’t remember, he initially revealed himself as Himon, suggesting that guy was the Killer of the New Gods. But, that didn’t work, and, eh, whatever.

Remember how complex that whole mystery was? Who would’ve known that the first time we saw a dying New God, his last words (“Infinity…Infinity…”) would’ve been directly telling you who was behind the whole thing.

That’s just good writing.

Jim Doom says: Libra!

I’m going to qualify this by saying I fully expect Libra’s identity to be a huge deal in 2009, likely with a very good payoff. But in 2008, he was just the latest goon to come along and Unite the Villains. I just couldn’t get into thinking he was any kind of formidable force, even after killing Martian Manhunter, largely due to his lame speeches, the whole storyline with the Human Flame and the fact that he uses the stupid Darth Vader head fortress as his hideout. I’m anticipating not even being able to consider him for this honor in 2009.

Here’s who we thought were the Worst Villains in years past:

Fin Fang Doom: Iron Man
Doom DeLuise: Captain Atom/Monarch
Jim Doom: The Monitors, Bug People, Superboy Prime and every other threat posed in the pages of Countdown

Doom DeLuise: The poo guy from Nightwing
Doominator: The Children
Fin Fang Doom: Grotesk