Batman: No Rest in Sight

batman rip death fateNewsarama has a new interview up today with Dan Didio, editor-in-chief of DC Comics, in which they ask him the following question:

Let’s talk about Final Crisis #6 – the book, as you mentioned, did well for you, and sold out, but that was the “conclusive” death of Batman, despite the conclusion of the “Batman R.I.P.” storyline in the Batman series in December – and no one really paid attention. I mean – you showed the body…?

First of all, this is the problem with taking reader questions. There’s not really any question in that stupid thing; it’s just a rambling mess of incoherence. To paraphrase: Batman died and nobody paid attention. Thoughts?

Here’s his response:

I agree – and as I said, the book did sell out, but also, it’s issue #6 of a 7-part series, so that issue #7 is one of the things that we want people to read to understand the full scope of the story that’s unfolding.

Also, we’ve been pretty upfront about what our plans are for Batman and the Batman family, and I think that everyone needs to hang on until Final Crisis #7 hits the stands. Following that, we can open up the discussion on our publicity for it.

What the hell is this buffoon jabbering about? After the conclusion to R.I.P was met with mediocre reviews and general apathy, Didio claimed that we just had to wait until FC #6 to see the Final Fate of the Dark Knight. Now that’s been met with more shrugged shoulders and questions of how long it will be before the status quo is returned, so what does Didio do?

Well, first of all, you should know that Final Crisis #6 sold out, okay? I mean, that’s important.

But, also, you should buy FC #7, because that’s where you’ll see what comes next in the Final Fate of the Dark Knight. And, really, if you don’t buy Battle for the Cowl, you won’t know exactly what happened when he got hit with the Omega Sanction by Darkseid. Or something.

Look, just buy the next issue and everything will be explained. And then, when it’s not, buy the next one. It’s coming, sooner or later.

Yeah, right.