Trinity #7

7In the lead: The Trinity tries to piece together everything they’ve encountered so far. With the help of the JLA, they try to identify the werewolf they encountered and the symbols on Wonder Woman’s back when Hawkman shows up with Gangbuster. When Hawkman explains that what’s being stolen from the museums, Batman figures it all out. The symbols are Egyptian tarot symbols and the museum thefts are the four tarot card suits (wands, swords, pentacles and cups). Batman calls in the cavalry: Nightwing, Robin, Oracle, the Outsiders, the JLA, the Titans…pretty much everyone. Yeah, this is big. Meanwhile, Morgaine Le Fey and Enigma finally join up with the third member of their trinity, Despero.

In the back-up: After a brief mention in the lead, Firestorm asks Green Lantern to tell him about Krona. The same Krona that was the villain in JLA/Avengers (and hasn’t been seen since). Green Lantern gives Firestorm a quick recap, but luckily the uber-powerful Krona is trapped inside of a cosmic egg…or is he? Hint: no, he’s not.

My take: The amount of time it took me to get this review up may be an indication of how I enjoyed this issue. This was entirely exposition, which is absolutely necessary but almost always boring as hell.

The callbacks were the highlights of the issue. After Superman hurled the pocket solar system into space in Trinity #2, readers were left wondering if it disappeared like Batman and Wonder Woman’s threats that issue did, or if we were going to have another Rasnn/Thanagar War on our hands. Well, apparently Superman was wondering that too, because this issue opens with him searching for it with a giant telescope thingie (FYI, the solar system disappeared also). The other callback tied the back-up into the lead. Firestorm overheard the more experienced Leaguers talking about Krona, which prompted his to ask about it later in the issue to set up some more expostion. It was a good use of the back-up story.

Things to keep an eye on: In the back-up, Green Lantern once again experienced the binary power surge that he first had during his one-on-one with Konvikt. It only seems to happen when his life is in mortal danger. But is this a GL thing or a Trinity thing?

Krona has apparently hatched from his cosmic egg, although the JLA computers read eveything as A-OK. Not a good sign. How much is the bookm going to reference the JLA/Avengers mini-series though, which was also written by Kurt Busiek?