Riddler = Next Bat Movie Villain?

riddlerThis is all pure speculation, but, then, isn’t that the most fun kind of speculation? Just the Hail Mary, shot-in-the-dark kind? I think so. After watching The Dark Knight over the past weekend, I’ve been thinking a lot about who could be the next villain in the third installment of Christopher Nolan’s new Batman franchise. Ruling out the supernatural villains, which ones would be realistic enough to fit into this series?

The short-list, of course, includes names like Catwoman and the Riddler and Hush, etc. I don’t think Warner Bros is going to want to revisit Catwoman after Halle Berry’s trainwreck from a few years ago, and Hush doesn’t seem like a well-known enough character to register with the average fans. I suppose they could ignore having a central “super-villain” and just make a movie about all-out mob wars, ala War Games; yet, I think the next main big bad guy is going to be the Riddler, and I think we’ve already seen him.

Pictured above, actor Joshua Harto plays Mr. Reese in “The Dark Knight,” an employee for Wayne Enterprises who comes to the conclusion that Batman is actually Bruce Wayne. Oh, and, it’s not like I’m spoiling anything; everybody and their dog has seen this movie already. He eventually gets targeted by the Joker before he can share his secret, after which he’s summarily pushed out of the movie after Bruce Wayne saves his life and gives him one hell of an evil eye. It’s either a loose end that never got tied up, or it’s a sign that he’ll be back in future movies.

Now, isn’t that kind of like Edward Nigma’s origin? Ex-employee to Wayne Enterprises, grown bitter, and seeking revenge against his former employer? And, ditching the lame “enigma” joke would be a step in the right direction, though another clue presents itself when you think about it for a second. His name in this movie is Mr. Reese. Mysteries. I’d say I might be on to something.

But I’ve been wrong before.