Worst of 2006: Writers

You may have started to notice a trend in these “Worst” picks. No one here is a very big fan of what Bruce Jones did on Nightwing. Unbelievably, three of us either hate someone esle’s writing more or managed to block out the entire run while making our picks.

Nightwing 123Bruce Jones

“Infinite Crisis may have elevated Nightwing so that his death meant more, but when they decided not to kill him, they had elevated a mid-carder to main-event status. I don’t care if they had to rush plans to get him a One Year Later series. When you have that kind of a hot character on your hands, you do it right or you hold off until you can. Bruce Jones destroyed all the momentum coming out of Infinite Crisis both for Nightwing and Jason Todd. I hope Marv Wolfman can undo the damage.”
-Jim Doom

“Bruce Jones can go play in traffic, for all I care. I find it incredibly funny whenever he tries to write romance/sex scenes, both in “Nightwing”and in “OMAC,” because it becomes painfully obvious that he’s a fifty year-old man who’s never seen a woman naked, let alone had sex or a one-night stand.”
-Doom DeLuise

Daniel Way

“There wasn’t anyone who dropped a stinkbomb in 2006 to compare to the toilet-staining of Reginald Hudlin in 2005. But that doesn’t mean I’m without a choice. I don’t think Daniel Way is the worst writer in comics. Far from it. But he was handed a Wolverine: Origins series that’s a dream assignment, a hallowed playground with the industry’s star character. Then he also was able to write the Hulk in a new environment for the first time in a long time. On both fronts, the books fell far, far below expectations. They should have been historic. Instead, they’re history.”
-Jean-Claude Van Doom


“He wrote something this year, right? By default that has to make him the worst writer of the year. I’d take a 1000-issue Bruce Jones run on Nightwing any day over a single page of a Reggie Hudlin comic.”
-Fin Fang Doom

Frank Miller

“The man has lost his mind and devolved into an imaginary violent rape fantasy world. All-Star Batman and Robin is an endless stream of ugliness and sexist imagery.”