Best of 2006: Artists

I don’t suppose I can claim that any of us were quite as passionate with praise for the best art of the year as we were with scorn for the worst. But, each Doomer came up with his own choice (or choices) for favorite artist.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingThose guys, again

“It’s embarrassing for me to admit this, but I don’t actually know the names of my favorite artists these days. My choice for favorite artist is more an endorsement of a favorite art style, and that style is a combination of the penciling, inking and coloring that graces the pages of Captain America and Daredevil. [Michael Lark and Steve Epting] It’s realistic and gritty while still expressive and moving. And most importantly, it perfectly fits the tone of the books. It’s ridiculously insulting to these people whose work I admire so much that I don’t even know who they are, and maybe this is more of a commendation of an editor for assembling such good talent, but that work on those books makes it that much easier to be sucked in.”
— Jim Doom

“It’s hard to pick a favorite artist. I like the guy who did the “Up, Up, and Away” [Pete Woods and Renato Guedes] mini-series, plus I really dig the guy [Ivan Reis] who’s been drawing “Green Lantern.” Oh, and that “Civil War” chap [Steve McNiven] is pretty solid, too. If I had to pick a favorite, though, I’d probably say that Phil Jimenez has earned himself that spot, through his work on “Infinite Crisis” along with his occasional appearances in 52.”
— Doom DeLuise

Bryan Hitch

“He’s Bryan Hitch. I love Bryan Hitch. I used to hate him.”
— Doominator

John Cassaday

“There’s no denying that John Cassaday is one of the most talented comic book artists today. Of course, you can say the same thing about Alex Ross, Darwyn Cooke or Carlos Pacheco. So what makes John Cassaday stand out? That would be his ability to keep a schedule while producing great work. Astonishing X-Men returned in February on a bi-monthly schedule, yet by the year’s end Cassaday had churned out seven issues, putting him a whole two months ahead of schedule. He even managed to get an issue of Planetary done along the way. If that doesn’t qualify him for artist of the year I don’t know what does.”
— Fin Fang Doom

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingDavid Petersen

“Mouse Guard is that amazing little book of the year that came out of nowhere and jumped to the top of a lot of “must read” lists. A good part of that lies in the fun plot of war among mice. But for my money, the price of admission is worth it to see Petersen’s amazingly detailed illustrations that give such life and emotion to animals that are too often either disgusting little rodents or overly caricatured animations.”
— Jean-Claude Van Doom