Meaningless Awards of the Week- 1/24/07

CW ReturnWhitest Cover of the Week- Civil War: The Return

Yep. That’s pretty white. That’s just a bland, uninteresting cover. Apparently you can judge a book by its cover.

Line of the Week- some random mad scientist, 52 Week 38, written by Mark Waid, Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison or Greg Rucka

“I haven’t been feeling at all well since Doctor Death talked me into a crack addiction.”

Well, it sounded like a good idea at the time.

Doctor Stange 4Ironic Statement of the Week- “This is why I never joined the Avengers,” Doctor Strange: The Oath #4

After Wong and Night Nurse get in way over their head trying to subdue an extradimensional demon, Doctor Strange gets a little irritated. And rightfully so. Night Nurse and Wong have no place fighting an extradimensional demon. Just like nearly every member of the Avengers. Their presence just makes it harder for Strange to fight the extradimensional demon. Maybe Thor or the Scarlet Witch would be able to help a little, but guys like Captain America and Iron Man are nothing more than potential targets in cases like these. So of course Doctor Strange would choose to work alone. Oh wait. He’s joining the Avengers now. My bad.

Political Statement of the Week- M goes to jail
Book of the Week- X-Factor #15

While shopping in Paris, Siryn and M stop a mob from burning a refuge for former mutants to the ground. Of course, the only way they know how to do that is to rough them up a little. Of course the police show up, and instead of making a run for it, Siryn and M surrender to themselves cops to show that they don’t consider themselves “above the law.”

X-Factor 15a

X-Factor 15b

Elsewhere in the book, Jamie Madrox is being reprogrammed into a Hydra agent by the guy who brainwashed Guido. Hydra thinks Jamie is the Madrox that’s an agent of SHIELD, and the plan is to make him their man on the inside, but they decide he might be better used as a one-man army. Of course, when you have a guy that makes a dupe every time someone hits him, and you program him to hate himself so much he physically abuses himself, you can’t be surprised when you’re crushed to death by hundreds of dupes. Live and learn, I guess. Too bad they’re all dead.