Worst of 2006: Artists

Sure, sure, drawing comics is a terribly challenging job and so it’s completely unfair to criticize anyone who does it. Well, it may be hard, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that some guys are absolutely terrible, or the fact that the big wigs keep on hiring them to churn out turds for us poor readers to purchase. Do I sound bitter? Well, you would to if forced to choose between spending an extra $8 or taking home an issue of JLA with a Michael Turner tainted cover.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingMichael Turner

“I hate Michael Turner. My hatred of him is greatly intensified that his work has somehow become a mark of quality. He wouldn’t be getting so much cover work if that wasn’t the case. But man, he sucks! All he can do is draw overly-muscled square-jawed generic strong guys and anorexic plastic women. I don’t expect my comics artists to be masters of anatomy, but if they’re going to have their horns tooted they’d better be able to have enough variety in their faces to not make Solomon Grundy look like Superman with gray skin (or Batman without a mask).”
— Jim Doom

That Wonder Man guy… and someone else

“I’d say worst is the loser [Andrew Currie] who’s drawing “Wonder Man.” Plus, anything that Scott McDaniel draws has a tendency to make my eyes bleed.”
— Doom DeLuise

“I literally felt sick to my stomach after picking up the first issue of Wonder Man. Andrew Currie tries for some mash-up between manga and Humberto Ramos and it is just terrifying. Speaking of Mr. Ramos, I thought that it could just be his style that didn’t mesh well with Wolverine during the Civil War arc. He drew Wolvie as overly muscled and a neck so thick as to not even exist. Well, this theory was busted this week when Ramos contributed art to The Goon. And even on that overly muscled, thick-necked caricature of a character, his art blew.”
— Jean-Claude Van Doom

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingRob Liefeld

“He drew something this year, right? By default that has to make him the worst artist of the year. Rob Liefeld is the only artist that was able to make me audibly groan at the mere sight of his artwork in front of a comic shop full of people (which is only like four people, but still).”
— Fin Fang Doom

“Rob Liefeld is too easy a vote, but his art makes me get little brain tremors to look at.”
— Doominator