Best of 2006: Ongoing Series

“Best ongoing” for us is really more like “best series,” since two of them are technically limited series. Although both of those limited series just seems to be going on and on and on, so maybe that’s how we got confused


“I judge this simply by which monthly I am happiest to see when it ships. For the past couple years it was Astonishing X-Men, which revived my favorite character. Over the course of 2006, Peter David took a series that I didn’t care much about and crafted an amazing run on X-Factor, avoiding the pitfalls of Civil War and House of M and packing a consistent punch of drama and laughs. How? He focuses on characters, not events.”
-Jean-Claude Van Doom

Ultimates 2

“Ultimates 2 – The World War III aspects made this series the penultimate cinematic comic book. I loved it all.”


“Aside from the fact that it’s an absolutely amazing editorial accomplishment, I find that “52” has been the bright spot of my stack every Wednesday since it started. It’s hard to write a compelling mystery, but, check it out: They’re doing it.”
-Doom DeLuise

Amazing 536Amazing Spider-Man

“2006 was a great year for Amazing Spider-Man. The title, which spent the entire year crossing over with Civil War, was one of the few success stories of the whole thing. Spider-Man was a central figure in Civil War, but thankfully his story was given the room it needed to develop fully in Amazing instead of being shoehorned into the mini-series. We spent the entire year watching Peter Parker make a series of choices that we all knew were wrong for him, yet Peter was convinced he was doing the right thing. From swearing loyalty to Tony Stark to making the tough decision about unmasking to standing toe-to-toe with Captain America, you had to feel bad for the guy. Deep down in his heart, Peter knew what the right thing to do was, and when he finally made the decision to turn on Iron Man and oppose the Superhuman Registration Act, I was excited even though we all saw it coming from a mile away. There may have been other series in 2006 that were better issue to issue, but no book had a better arc from January to December than Amazing Spider-Man did.”
-Fin Fang Doom

Anything with Ed Brubaker and superheroes (except for Uncanny X-Men and Iron Fist)

“Captain America and Daredevil. This probably just seems like I’m trying to reinforce my best writer choice, but I am never disappointed with these books.”
-Jim Doom