UPDATED: Does this mean Scott Snyder is leaving Batman?

This, from BleedingCool.

I can’t tell if Johnston is answering the question as “These are my top 5 DC writers,” or “Based on Marvel solicitations or other planning news that has since emerged, these must be the five to whom Brevoort is referring.”

I think I credit Scott Snyder’s run on the New 52 Batman for my renewed interest in comic books. I have no loyalty to Batman the character. I’ve dropped all other Batman books. But his work on Batman has made me as excited for new issues as anything in recent memory. I want Scott Snyder to write Batman forever.

That said, I’m curious what Marvel would put him on. I haven’t read any of Snyder’s American Vampire or Severed work, but what I love about his Batman stories (including before The New 52) and The Wake is how he builds an unnerving atmosphere around the story. He has done an amazing job of making Gotham City a character of its own, and the undersea station in The Wake is an essential part of that story.

The comparisons between Batman and Daredevil have been ongoing for decades, but Daredevil is really the only character I can think of off the top of my head whose character is so connected to his surroundings. Maybe Namor?

UPDATE: Rich Johnston offered a clarification via Twitter: