The Rebirth Of A Rebirth

I ended up being disapointed with Flash Rebirth.  It started off well but it quickly become plagued with problems from delays to editorial have a far to heavy hand on the project.   Despite that I wanted to give the relaunch of the Flash monthly a try.

I like Francis Manapul’s work, so that was enough to over come my initial dislike of Barry, which was one of the problems I had with Rebirth.  I’m glad I did read this as the first issue was more like what I was expecting Rebirth to be.  Barry is far more likable here.  It does a nice job of establishing Barry back in Central City giving him a new purpose as a crime scene investigator for his day time job.  The most noticeable difference between this and Rebirth is Manapul’s artwork.   Ethan Van Sciver’s stiff style does not lend well to the Flash, which hurt Rebirth.  Conversely Manapul’s style is perfectly suited for the Flash as you really get the sense of Barry’s speed and the various cool things he can do with his powers.  John’s writing here is much better as well as it appears editorial did not lay a heavy hand on.  So there is hope for a Barry Allen Flash in the modern DCU after all, although I still prefer Wally.