SHIELD #1 Sells Out

According to CBR, the first issue of Hickman’s SHIELD has sold out and is going to a second printing.  For me that is the best news I have heard from Marvel recently.  I thought the first issue was great but I wasn’t sure how well it would do given how new a property it is and while Hickman’s Fantastic Four is doing strong numbers it is not a top ten selling book.  Of course SHIELD selling out doesn’t mean it is a top ten book either, as it depends on what the first print run was, but it does mean the book has exceeded Marvel’s expectations.  Hopefully this will encourage Marvel to put out more books like this.

And going from the positive news we come to the “what are they smoking” news.  The nominees for this year Eisner awards were released late last week.  Much like last year there are some real head scratchers on the list as several things that deserved to be nominated were not while things that did not deserve it were.  The most notable is that James Robinson was nominated for best writer for his mind numbingly awful work on Cry for Justice.  The only list Robinson should be nominated for is the “writer who should be banned from ever writing the Justice League again” list.  It’s made even more maddening when a talented writer like Jonathan Hickman was not even nominated.  On the positive side super talented manga writer artist Noaki Urawasa has  received multiple well deserved nominations for his work on both Pluto and 20th Century Boys.