Worst Crossover of 2009

Jim Doom: Dark Reign!

Marvel made the critical error of pissing me off with $3.99 cover prices as they unveiled this new era in their universe, and as a result, they sold ONE FEWER COPY OF A LOT OF BOOKS.

No lie – I was genuinely interested in what was going to happen. Leave the books at $2.99 and I would’ve kept buying New Avengers while also picking up Dark Avengers.

Instead, they charged $3.99, I didn’t buy them, and now I’m taking out my frustration with this prize. So there. Pbbbbt.

Fin Fang Doom: Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men: Utopia!

Overheard at the House of Ideas earlier this year: “I’ve got a great idea. Let’s crossover our new mega-title Dark Avengers with the old, reliable Uncanny X-Men for two issues. And then let’s make special one-shots at the beginning and end of this four issue story so we can really milk it. And hey, why don’t we raise the cost of Uncanny X-Men while we’re at it just to piss off readers of that comic even more! Those suckers that only read Uncanny will have to shell out like twenty extra bucks to get this story!”

Or, I could just stop reading Uncanny for a few months while this completely unnecessary story plays out, which is what I did. First issues of Uncanny X-Men I didn’t buy in about 16 years. Good job, Marvel

Doom DeLuise: Dark Reign!

I had a pretty easy rule of thumb for 2009. If a comic book added the adjective “Dark” in front of the title, it got dropped from my reading pile. This resulted in me dropping quite a few titles and not taking a chance on even more.

The funniest part? I don’t think I missed out on anything that can’t be summed up in one paragraph worth of recap.

Here are the stories we hated to read across multiple titles in previous years:

Doom DeLuise: Batman RIP
Fin Fang Doom: Secret Invasion
Jim Doom: Secret Invasion

Fin Fang Doom: Countdown
Doom DeLuise: The Lightning Saga
Jim Doom: Countdown
Doominator: Countdown

Fin Fang Doom: Black Panther/Storm Wedding
Doom DeLuise: Brave New World
Jim Doom: Annihilation

Jim Doom: DC’s All-Star line
Jean-Claude Van Doom: Spider-Man The Other
Fin Fang Doom: DC’s All-Star line