Best Crossover of 2009

Jim Doom: Blackest Night!

In my old age, I’m learning to enjoy crossovers more that don’t actually cross over very much, so that I can enjoy a story without having to buy a billion other books (whereas long ago, with things like The Infinity Gauntlet and Ghost Rider and X-Men and Spider-Man and X-Force, I thought that stuff was fun). Blackest Night’s crossovers seem to be pretty justifiable – Green Lantern books being obvious – and I’ve also enjoyed the Superman and Batman miniseries much more than I thought I would. I picked up the #1 issues on slow weeks, but I ended up sticking with them. I think all of the resurrected series ended up in 2010, but I love the idea.

Doom DeLuise: War of Kings!

Any time that a series can make a blue guy with a giant mohawk into the ultimate badass, you know that you have a winner on your hands.

This past year, I gave up on nearly everything Marvel’s published because of my distaste for overpriced comic books, but the one thing I’ve stuck with has been the cosmic Marvel universe. And when you take Nova and the Guardians of the Galaxy, two amazing series in their own right, and throw them together with a bunch of Inhumans, Kree, and Shi’ar, well, you get some fantastic results.

My favorite aspect of this crossover is that I genuinely don’t know what I’ve enjoyed more, the actual event itself or the fall-out from the event. It all feels like it’s still leading to something huge, and I’m on board for the duration.

Here are the series that got all over everywhere that we enjoyed in previous years:

Jim Doom: New Krypton
Fin Fang Doom: New Krypton
Doom DeLuise: New Krypton

Doominator: Messiah Complex
Fin Fang Doom: Sinestro Corps War
Doom DeLuise: Sinestro Corps War
Jim Doom: Sinestro Corps War

Jim Doom: Civil War
Fin Fang Doom: Infinite Crisis

Jean-Claude Van Doom: House of M
Jim Doom: Build-up to Infinite Crisis
Fin Fang Doom: Countdown to Infinite Crisis