The Brightest Day

DC’s official blog the Source had quite a bit of news today announcing the Brightest Day as a fallow up to the Blackest Night event.  It will essentially be to Blackest Night what 52 was to Infinite Crisis, just with a bi weekly release of 26 instead of the weekly, that is two issues a month for one year.  It will be co written by the Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi in addition to their continued work on the Green Lantern books.  It will also be treated like something of a event to help launch the new Flash series written by Johns as well as the new creative directions for Titans, Justice League, and likely a few other books.

At first glance it does seem kind of tiresome to have even more big event things piled onto everything else DC has planned for this year.  But after reading the IGN interview with Goeoff Johns covering this news I feel pretty confident that it will be pretty good.  I have enjoyed the Blackest Night for the most part and having this fallow it sounds far more interesting then the War of the Supermen event that is set for later this year.  That is not to say the Superman event will be bad, but Superman just doesn’t have the same depth of interest that the Green Lantern related books have now.  Of course this is also further evidence that creatively speaking 2010 will just be more of the same as last year.