Trinity #31

31In the lead: Dr. Polaris, Professor Zoom and Lady Shiva are sent by Morgaine Le Fey to London to close a dimensional rift and steal its energy. Power Girl, Ragman and Triumph (not the Insult Comic Dog) arrive to try and stop them while Green Arrow, Tomorrow Woman and the Flash close a rift in Rio de Janeiro. Khyber, a villain from Busiek’s Superman run, agrees to help Le Fey, and Charity O’Dare helps Hawkman form his Justice Arcana.

In the back-up: The purple alien dudes tell Alfred’s Six a story of a carnival boy whose parents are killed that Atmahn (the god verison of Batman) took under his wing and made a hero. Then the boy is beaten to death by people dressed like the Joker. So it’s not Dick Grayson, it’s Jason Todd.

My take: Meh. So the Robin in the story is Todd and not Grayson…why does that matter?

Things to keep an eye on: Take a look at the next issue’s cover…the Trinity is back!