Man Alive:
A 24-Hour Comic

This here comic wasn’t written by one of us on the blog, but it was written and illustrated by a dear friend of ours who attended 24-Hour Comic Day with us in Omaha last weekend. Let’s call him Doom ‘n’ Gloom. He can’t offer us any insight into what went through his mind while he drew this sucker, because he’s on a plane to Germany, where he’ll be living for the next few months or years, though, so I figured I’d offer a little introduction.

He sat next to me during the time that he spent with us at the event, and all I can confirm is that he laughed to himself a lot. The basic premise for his comic is that the main character can’t die, so he drinks himself to death every day, only to wake up with no harm done. Plus, he’s friends with a balloon. And it talks.

This isn’t finished, though, because Doom ‘n’ Gloom left early so that he could go get drunk. I don’t blame him. Aw, hell, I done introduced it enough. Here it is: