A skid mark by any other name …


Take a good look at this. You’re staring into the face of the new comic trend. Because of an incestuous circle of mild talent that propogated itself around the time of the forming of Image Comics, we’ve been subjected to the artist as celebrity trumping the much better “book coming out on time every month” trend which was previously the standard. But now it’s not enough to put up with fugly, constantly late and past its prime art. Now we have to have it painted to hide the fact that the artists still draw like a bunch of mid-nineties turds. I discussed it a little bit here in my Ultimates 3 review and tackling the Johnny-always-fucking-come-lately Joe Madureira. For the record, if that’s misspelled, I don’t particularly care. But the king of all turd kings, Rob Liefield, is now having his shit stains painted over. It’s like you can use this to hide the lazy penciling.

PS – It’s about the Bible.

PPS – At least he’s restrained himself on the amount of guns.