Book of Doom: Wonder Woman #14

Wonder Woman 14Wonder Woman sucks.

Seriously, the last time anything remotely interesting happened in the pages of a Wonder Woman comic was over two years ago when she snapped Max Lord’s neck. Nothing of note happened during the final pre-Infinite Crisis issues. The big One Year Later launch fell flatter than anything this side of Trials of Shazam, thanks in no small part to the shameful shipping schedule the books kept (or didn’t keep, rather). I’d like to say the Allan Heinberg issues sucked, but that would have required me to care enough about the story to actually read them. I will, however, say that the Jodi Picoult issues sucked. I guess Picoult had the abysmal Amazons Attack to contend with, but Peter David has shown me time and again that you can still tell good stories even if editorial forces you into a crossover.

So why would I pick Wonder Woman #14 as this week’s Book of Doom? Gail Simone, writer of the best Infinite Crisis mini-series (Villains United) and the most underrated OYL series (Birds of Prey). If anyone can make Wonder Woman enjoyable, it’d be her. Come back on Saturday and see whether or not it’s possible.

Written by Gail Simone; Art and Cover by Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson; Variant cover by Michael Golden

An electrifying new era begins for the world’s greatest superheroine! Gail Simone (BIRDS OF PREY, SECRET SIX) joins the phenomenal art team of Terry and Rachel Dodson for what promises to be one of the most exciting Wonder Woman stories ever told!

What exactly is The Circle, and what deadly secret do they hold about Diana’s birth? What familiar face from Wonder Woman’s past returns with a mission to spy on Special Agent Diana Prince? Why is the Department of Metahuman Affairs on a collision course with the wounded remnants of the Society of Super-Villains? You won’t want to miss any of this story that spans the globe and shakes Diana to her core!