DC Comic-Con Podcasts

If you weren’t able to make it to Comic-Con this year, DC is making it a little easier on you by posting podcasts of their panels at their downloads page.

The selections are:
» CMX: Manga in Demand
» Vertigo Voices: The Fables Forum
» DC: The Big Guns
» Spotlight On Christos N. Gage
» WildStorm: Storm Front
» DCU: New Worlds Order
» Minx: Evocative and Fearless
» DC Nation
» Vertigo: Looking Over the Edge
» WOW! It’s World of Warcraft!
» Vertigo: I Am Legend
» Spotlight on Paul Dini
» Group Therapy: Leagues, Legions, Societies, and Teens!
» DCU: Crossing Over
» Spotlight on Brian Wood