Best of 2006: Heroes

Black AdamBlack Adam

“My favorite hero of the year was Black Adam. From poking out Psycho Pirate’s eyeballs through the back of his head to tearing Terra-Man in half, he’s kicked all sorts of ass this year. Without him, “52” wouldn’t be nearly as enjoyable. There’s just something terribly fun about a hero who’s not afraid to murder people and be an all-around heavy-duty bad-ass.”
-Doom DeLuise

Nightwing (with a qualification)

“Nightwing (through Infinite Crisis).”
-Jim Doom

MadroxJamie Madrox

“Jamie Madrox has been the most interesting character of the year. Or characters, I guess. He’s good, he’s evil, he’s an agent of SHIELD, and he’s schtumping Siryn and; what’s not to love?”
-Fin Fang Doom

“I call a tie between the hero of my favorite book, Madrox the Multiple Man, and the anti-hero of one of my favorites, Jonah Hex. These guys both went from mostly forgotten to returned to glory in 2006, and it didn’t take a mega-event to do it.”
-Jean-Claude Van Damme


“I’m the biggest supporter of Cyclops, perhaps more than I should be, but seeing the new direction Joss Whedon could take him in makes me giddy as a school girl.”