Week Ten

I think that may be my favorite moment in “52” so far. Granted, Black Adam has been nothing short of bad-ass throughout this thing, but that moment is absolutely brilliant.

That aside, here’s the rundown on this issue. Clark Kent is fired from the Daily Planet for not being able to secure an interview with Supernova. Clark jumps out the window, Supernova catches him, and Clark gets his job back. We knew he would, since he’s at the top of his reporting game at the start of OYL. The Question, Montoya, and Steel are nowhere to be seen. Black Adam is going to really let somebody have it, soon. He’s consolidating his power. Booster’s pissed out for losing prominence. The issue ends with Dr. Magnus showing Professor Morrow something he found that belongs to Doc Sivana. It’s a cocoon of some kind, and we’re left with the question, “Now what do you suppose hatched out of there?” Good question. Oh, and Professor Morrow was stacking books during the scene. The books? “Brave New World” and “1984.” I understand. I went through a fascist phase once, too, when I was younger.

Let’s talk about Supernova. He takes out an all-terrain tank with a beam of some kind that comes from his eyes. Clark vouches for him to Lois, saying he thinks the guy’s on the level. Clark also notes that it seems Supernova’s been doing this for awhile. So who is Supernova? The Atom? Rip Hunter? Somebody else? A supervillain trying to earn the trust of the good guys so that he can betray them? The possibilities are limitless. Let’s get back to that eye-beam. He takes out a chunk of pavement, literally, to ruin that all-terrain tank, right? He tells some kid that the hole in the pavement is very deep and to stay away. Who has that kind of power? A friend of mine thinks that Booster Gold’s going to die, after which, it’ll be revealed that Supernova is Booster from an alternate timeline, which might exlpain why he’s so much more humble. Maybe he learns his lesson after dying. Or something like that. I don’t really buy that explanation, simply because Booster’s never been that powerful, nor has he ever been able to vanish in a flash, nor has he ever shot eye beams. I mean, he’s a prick, but I don’t think they’re going to kill him off. Not unless they pull out the redemption storyline I’ve been hoping for for years.

Other than that, this issue really just flew past. I’m curious to see where they’re going with Dr. Magnus and Professor Morrow (Magnus’ interesting observation on Morrow’s speaking as if they’ll never see each other again is particularly important, I believe). Maybe they’re going to bring back the Metal Men. I sure hope they don’t do that. Not unless they appoint Steel as their leader.

That’s all I’ve got. This issue went by fast and not much happened.

See ya in seven.