The Tick: Days of Drama #6 hit comic shops this week. It was a decent end to a decent mini-series. The series certainly wasn’t the best set of Tick comics and it certainly didn’t have the best artwork (oh, how I miss The Tick in black and white), but it was fun and always filled with enough fun to merit its $3.95 price tag. But this issue isn’t newsworthy in and of itself. What is newsworthy is that hell has officially frozen over.

Tick DVD You see, DoD #6 brought with it an announcement: the first volume of the Tick animated series is being released on August 29th. Originally titled “The Tick-The Belated 10th Anniversary Edition,” the set is now called “The Tick vs. Season One,” a reference to the titles of the episodes, which were always “The Tick vs. *insert crisis of the week*.”

But it’s not all good news. Due to “creative considerations,” only 12 of the shows 13 first season episodes will be included in the set. Apparently there’s some problem with something in “The Tick vs. The Mole Men” which makes Disney uneasy, and since the only other place to catch The Tick is on Toon Disney, there’s not exactly an easy way to find out what that might be. One saving grace is that Disney is trying to work things out so it can be included with the season 2/3 releases. The price is a bit of a problem too, running a pretty steep $35 for less than 6 hours of show. Of course, that’s MSRP, so there’s a good chance places like Best Buy will sell it for quite a bit cheaper, especially the week it comes out. I really can’t imagine a price too high to pay for that amazing show (but $35 sure is pushing it).

So now that the DVD Powers That Be have deemed us fit to finally receive the gift of The Tick Animated Series, how long do we have to wait before we can start complaining that the Fox Kids X-Men cartoon isn’t out yet?