Legion of Doom’s Worst of 2005- Mini-Series

Rann/Thanagar War. In retrospect, it was almost completely irrelevant to Infinite Crisis, other than to say “Hey, weird stuff is going on in outer space.” It was easily the weakest of the IC lead-ins. -Jean-Cluade Van Doom

16021602: New World. Remember 1602? Great mini-series, right? Now take away every single interesting character, imagine the writing and artwork are half as good and make it about a fight between colonists and Indians instead of about the cosmic instablility of the universe. Doesn’t sound too good now, does it? No, it wasn’t. -Fin Fang Doom

Rann-Thanagar War. More like Rann-Thanagar BORE! CAUSE I WAS BORED!!!!! -Colonel Doom

Secret War. That kind of release schedule doomed Secret War, but those huge delays helped obscure the fact that nothing really happened. Was the point of the whole series to discredit Nick Fury and put him into hiding? Or was that simply an effect of the story? -Jim Doom