Legion of Doom’s Worst of 2005- Ongoing Series

UncannyAgain, I don’t read much unless I like it. But I did pick up a string of Uncanny X-Men last year and was consistently disappointed. -Jean-Claude Van Doom

Marvel Knights Spider-Man. Mark Millar’s run ended on a flat note after a great 2004, and it only got worse from there. Reggie Hudlin came onboard as writer and told a Fantastic Four story that treated Spider-Man as a supporting character in his own title. In the end, a Super Skrull was defeated by Aunt May because she called him “son,” and the alien became a faith healer. Pat Lee joined as artists for the last three issues of the year, which nullified any momentum the title might have gained due to Peter David and J. Michael Stracynski each writing an issue. Read this to truly understand my disdain for this title. -Fin Fang Doom

The last JLA arc. Wow, Green Arrow’s a prick? Thanks for dragging that revealing tidbit out for 5 goddamned issues, jerk off. Also, you draw lumpy heads. -Colonel Doom