Anything you can do, we can do later

Quick, which publisher am I talking about (minor spoilers ahead, but it’s in the solicits so I consider it fair game):

-a hero is forced to forget a portion of their life by someone they considered a friend

-a major crossover begins with a oversized one-shot, followed by four mini-series focusing on specific aspects of the crossover, followed by a mini-series tying everything together

-the lond-dead sidekick of the company’s premier non-superpowered hero returns as a villain

-a mini-series deals with how secret identities affect superheroes and those they love, and the wife of the guy who stretches dies

It’s DC, right? Zatanna mind-wiped Batman, Countdown to Infinite Crisis was a one-shot followed by 4 minis followed by the Infinite Crisis mini, Jason Todd returned as the Red Hood, and Identitiy Crisis saw the family members of superheroes attacked and the death of Sue Dibny, wife of the Elongated Man.

But it’s also Marvel, just a little bit later. Secret War #5 featured Captain America, Spider-Man and more receiving mind-wipes from Nick Fury, Annihilation is using the Infinite Crisis formula, Bucky returned as Winter Soldier and Civil War is all about secret identities becoming not-so-secret and involves Invisible Woman dying (maybe not in Civil War itself, but in a crossover at least).