Legion of Doom’s Worst of 2005- Artists

Pat Lee. See Reggie Hudlin. The worst qualities of Anime with none of the more sophisticated qualities, like school girls or tentacle rape. -Colonel Doom

Pat LeeI don’t really remember being horribly turned off by an artist this year. Though the news that Joe Madureira is coming to Ultimates has me geared up for the 2006 year in review. -Jim Doom

I typically don’t buy something unless I like the art. I remember flipping through Nick Fury’s Howling Commandoes and thinking the art in it sucked [Fing Fang’s note: that was Edu Francisco]. Also, one of the artists on The Other dropped a stinkbomb, though I didn’t buy the book so I can’t recall who it was [probably Pat Lee]. -Jean-Claude Van Doom

Pat Lee. I hear he draws some pretty sweet robots, but that must be the only thing he’s good at. His work on Marvel Knights Spider-Man was some of the stiffest, most emotionless art I’d ever seen. I guess that makes sense for robots. Too bad Spider-Man isn’t one. -Fin Fang Doom