Legion of Doom’s Worst of 2005- Writers

Reginald Hudlin. There’s few things in comics that piss me off more than a new writer with no regards for what’s come before him. His first six issues of Black Panther, which threw out nearly all of the character’s past and left it riddled with continuity gaffs, is about the worst example of this in recent memory. The man almost single-handedly ruined The Other. From flying horse poop to a Skrull gaining super-powers because he believes in Jesus to Aunt May and Mary Jane donning Iron Man suits and storming Castle Doom, Hudlin’s writing just got worse as the year went along. Plus, he calls you a racist if you criticize his work. -Fin Fang Doom

BET REGINALD HUDLINReggie Hudlin. What could make me hate Spider-Man? This guy. -Colonel Doom

I’d probably have to go with Peter Milligan. I had such high hopes when I heard he was going to take over X-Men after how much I enjoyed X-Statix. If I wouldn’t have known better, I’d have had no idea that Austen left the book. -Jim Doom

Reggie Hudlin. Amazingly, The Other actually could have been decent. Yeah, the Peter Parker metamorphosizing into a new creature has been covered before (as recently as a year ago). But there were some neat moments in the 12-parter. However, none of those came in the issues penned by Hudlin. His efforts were so groan-inducing they pretty well sunk the whole ship. -Jean-Claude Van Doom