New Wolverine movie image released! Related: apparently I liked the first one.

BleedingCool posted an image from the upcoming “The Wolverine” movie, which, if I remember right, is based on the Chris Claremont / Frank Miller miniseries that was set in Japan. It probably involved samurai and ninjas, but honestly I don’t remember all that much about it even though 1) I remember reading my cousin’s copy of the miniseries issues as a kid because I loved that awesome claws-exposed Frank Miller cover and 2) I own the paperback and 3) I’m quite convinced I liked it.

However, I’ve reacted to news about this movie — and even this badass image linked above — with a general “Eh” attitude, and I am pretty sure it’s because I have decided over time that I hated the first Wolverine movie and considered it on the same level as X-Men 3.

But then I went back and read our review of the movie and it turns out I actually liked it! I haven’t seen it since I watched it in the theater, and over time I’ve apparently confused my expectations of the movie with my reaction to it. So now I’m kind of excited again! It has Wolverine, and I bet the odds are good that it has ninjas!

So I think at some point I’d like to sit down and watch the X-Men movies in the proper order — X-Men First Class, Wolverine 1, X-Men and X2. That should be a decent day.

Also, you should read that review because it’s pretty great.