Jim Doom’s Greatest (Photoshopped) Hits

Over the years, Jim Doom has been my go-to guy whenever I need a good Photoshop done of a photo. He’s real good and super funny. This morning, I decided that the best way to spend my day would be going through his old posts to find his best Photoshopped pictures he’s ever done. And, since I’m the Greatest Guy in the Universe, I’ve compiled my Top Five Favorites, posted here for your viewing pleasure. On to the show!

6. Actually, Top Six Favorites. I just couldn’t resist posting this. This was during that whole Batman RIP / Final Crisis fiasco:

5. In Reference to the End of Final Crisis:

4. Still true today:

3. Thank god they migrated to TV, mostly:

2. The key to good dialogue is to make it true to the characters:

1. Final Crisis Ad Spoof:

where were you