Worst Job in the World

MARVEL EDITOR: Come in, Mr. Yu. Have a seat. How was your drive in today? We have a lot of…sorry, excuse me, would you like a cup of coffee?


MARVEL EDITOR: Ok, great. Like I was saying, we have a lot of important things, exciting things, to discuss with you today. I have had an eye on your work for awhile now. You’ve been doing some amazing things with those things that you’ve been doing.

LEINIL YU: Thank you, sir. I try to–

MARVEL EDITOR: Look, I don’t want to jerk you around. You’re hot stuff right now. We want to give you your choice of whatever project you want. Whatever you want, Mr. Yu, it’s all yours. So tell me, answer me that: What do you want?

LEINIL YU: Well, to be frank–thank you, wow, that’s hot–to be frank, sir, I’ve always admired Wolverine. I loved drawing him in New Avengers. Just something about him has always–


LEINIL YU: Resonated. I mean, with the claws and the non-stop action and all the places around the world that he’s traveled to. Really, any place, any time, Wolverine is endlessly fascinating, both as a character and as a person to draw.

MARVEL EDITOR: So, I’m hearing a lot of interest in a Wolverine project. Well, I’ll tell you what. Your wish is my something something, however that goes. I’m sure you’re familiar with the expression. It’s yours. Wolverine is yours.

LEINIL YU: Oh, wow. Thank you so much, sir. Thank you! I won’t let you down. This is easily the most exciting moment of my professional career so far. Finally, I’ll get a chance to really capture everything about that character that has appealed to so many fans over the years. His brute strength and masculinity, his, well, I don’t want to forget the claws, his ability to just tear his enemies to bits. Wow, I’m just… I’m floored. This is going to be so exciting, I promise.

MARVEL EDITOR: Well… about that. Here’s what we have in mind. I had my assistant write it up this morning. Here, take a look.


MARVEL EDITOR: You think you can…

LEINIL YU: Are you fucking kidding me?

wolverine father