Kevin Bacon: The Greatest Threat This Planet Knows

Doom DeLuise and I were talking the other night about the fact that Kevin Bacon is the new X-Men villain. After running down a (short) list, we settled on Mr. Sinister.

This was not exactly a tacit endorsement.

You see, the best reasoning we could trace back was to a particularly bad piece of cinema known as Hollow Man, perhaps the only time we’ve seen Bacon play a mad scientist. And with good reason: he doesn’t always come across as playing the brightest characters. So here we’re to believe Kevin Bacon is the greatest threat anyone has ever faced in the history of ever?

We’ve also got the un-Beastly Nicholas Hoult (who I last saw as a quite rail-thing lad in Skins) as Hank McCoy and some kid from something something Hannah Montana as Havok. I dunno. That link has the names of the people I don’t know.

I’m being a bit flippant here, I realize. It seems that they’re lining this movie up as a franchise saver. I mean, they’re even bringing in Banshee, which isn’t un-exciting. And where Sinister goes, Apocalypse often follows.

Anyway, here’s a Hollow Man clip. Is this the future Mr. Milsbury?: