The Marvel Age?

I read this qoute from Marvel artist David Aja by way of today’s Jounalista at the Comics Journal.

Ann Nocenti told me recently she had a bunch of teenagers at house that said “marvel comics are for old people”.

It might be just me but I found that incredibly funny.  It does point to the fact that the majority of  the direct market books in recent years are sold to older men.  I don’t think that is a bad thing just a interesting thing.  Most of those teens that would have been reading X-men back in the day are more inclined to read manga now or some young adult fiction adaptation done in a manga style, if any comic at all.  It’s hard to say what they will be reading when they come of age though.  Many worry that comics as we know it will die because of this.  I do not believe that will happen, but things could end up drastically different in time.

Perhaps this all helps explain why non manga related graphic novels are growing while other things are either in decline or just keeping their head above water.  Marvel and DC are at least safe as they have their movies and other divisions to help drive interest towards their characters.