Worst Hero of 2009

Jim Doom: Cyclops!

Cyclops is such a huge douchebag. I seriously can’t even stand X-Men books anymore because of this prick, and I used to read ALL OF THEM. I don’t mind unbearable characters when they appear to serve a greater purpose in the big story, but every time I dip back in to the X-world, I fail to see anything other than “God, this guy has such big balls!”

Honorable mention: Super Young Team. Just stupid piled on top of stupid. I held out hope that Morrison spent so much time on them in Final Crisis because they would eventually have some big important role to play. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me about five hundred times, and that’s how I describe the experience of reading Final Crisis.

Here were the worst of the supposed best from previous years:

Doom DeLuise: That Dark Tower guy
Jim Doom: Cyclops

Jim Doom: Cyclops
Doominator: Nobody
Fin Fang Doom: Everyone in Countdown
Doom DeLuise: Iron Man

Fin Fang Doom: Iron Man
Doominator: WildC.A.T.s
Doom DeLuise: Nightwing (after Infinite Crisis)
Jim Doom: Nightwing (after Infinite Crisis)

2005: (then called “Worst Character”)
Jean-Claude Van Doom: Nick Fury
Fin Fang Doom: Ronin
Jim Doom: The Sentry