Worst Mini-Series of 2009

Fin Fang Doom: the Blackest Night tie-ins!

I was incredibly excited when Blackest Night started, but these completely unnecessary $9 stories took a lot of the wind out of its sails. It turns out that the zombie Lanterns weren’t even really the people they looked like, so Superman fighting his Earth-2 counterpart or Tim Drake being confronted by his father didn’t really have the emotional oomph it otherwise might have. And what happened in these minis had absolutely zero consequences in the Blackest Night crossover, or even in the lives of the characters involved.

Jim Doom: Battle for the Cowl!

Poor Tony Daniel was clearly in over his head here, and sadly the only thing more amateur than the writing was the art. This was a dismally bad series, with a cluelessness that descended to laughable at times. Nobody came out a winner in this book, with nearly everyone in the Bat-family made to look like some variation of an unlikable or incompetent fool. This series was just an absolute disaster. Thankfully Grant Morrison and Judd Winick repaired much of the damage later in the summer.

Doom DeLuise: Azrael!

I was a huge Azrael mark back in the early 90s, but DC somehow figured out how to make me completely disregard their new version of the character. How, you might be asking. Well, even if you aren’t asking, I’m going to tell you. Take the main character, you know, the one the fans actually give a crap about, and don’t even mention him. Place an all-new character in the real main character’s stead, and then just pretend that the original guy didn’t even exist. Sweet, where’s the exit?

Honorable Mention: The Last Days of Animal Man. ‘Nuff said.

Here are the short-lived turds that stunk up our past:

Fin Fang Doom: DCU Decisions
Jim Doom: Ultimatum
Doom DeLuise: Logan

Jim Doom: GAYO
Doominator: Ultimates 3
Fin Fang Doom: 24: Nightfall
Doom DeLuise: Countdown

Doom DeLuise: (tie) OMAC and Martian Manhunter
Doominator: X-Men: The End
Fin Fang Doom: Young Avengers/Runaways

Jean-Claude Van Doom: Rann-Thanagar War
Fin Fang Doom: 1602: New World
Colonel Doom: Rann-Thanagar War
Jim Doom: Secret War