DC’s New Earth One Line

I’m not sure if I’m just cynical or if there really is a lack of interesting comics news out there of late.  It’s probably a mix of both, but DC’s recent announcement of a new Earth One line is a welcome bit of good news among the daily fluff.  This will be done through a series of graphic novels by some of their big name creators in a new continuity.  Geoff Johns and Gary Frank will launch Batman.  J. Michael Straczynski and Shane Davis will be handling Superman.  In each case they will be a new retelling of each character’s origin stories.

I really like the potential of this.  The fact that they will be in a graphic novel format means they will be able to debut in bookstores at the same time as the usual comic shops.  There will be no waiting for the trade here.  It is a ideal format to appeal to new readers.  The fact is it’s just not easy to get potential new costumers to seek out a comic book store.  It is much wiser to go where the public already are and give them something they can instantly jump into without fear of the dreaded DC continuity.   I like the potential of Johns and Frank  on Batman.  I have really enjoyed their work on  Superman in Action Comics and currently in Superman Secret Origins.  Straczynski on Superman is equally as appealing, which is notable given Straczynski ‘s recent falling out with Marvel over being handcuffed by event continuity issues.  This means Straczynski will have the kind of freedom on Superman that he initially did with his brilliant run on Thor before the event monster drove him out.  Carla Hoffman over at Robot 6 has a good write up on the setup to Marvel’s upcoming Siege event.  After reading that I can safely say Straczynski is looking like a wise man for leaving when he did.

DC once again has made a smart move while Marvel seems to be spinning their wheels.