X-Men: First Class: The Movie

New X-Men movie? Say it ain’t so! Please, if there’s a god, you will say it’s not.

But Internet rumblings say it is. Check this news.

MTV’s Splash Page blog noticed that Tim Pocock, who played the young Cyclops in this summer’s retro X-Men movie had left the following update on Twitter:

currently shooting Australian TV series till February 2010…then X-men first class 😉

This can only end poorly. Expect a multitude of cobbled together mutt continuity from a music video director. Any guesses on the class to be? Will we have a Lil’ Bishop storyline? Is there a mutant untouched (or, thanks to Brett Ratner, scathed) by the X-Men movie Juggernaut that can join this team? By my count … Banshee, Warpath, Dr. Reyes and Cable will be on the team.