Meaningless Awards of the (Previous) Week – 7/22/09

Best Value- Amazing Spider-Man #600

Usually when Marvel ups the price of a $2.99 comic to $4.99, it’s because they threw in a couple crappy reprints or Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe entries. Such was not the case with ASM #600.

There were 104 pages in this issue. That was 62 pages of the main story, 37 pages of back-up stories (most of which weren’t terrible), 4 pages of “humorous” fake covers, and one letters page (although they didn’t actually print any letters). You math whizzes out there might notice that adds up to 104 pages; that’s right, there wasn’t a single ad!

So Amazing Spider-Man #600 was almost five issues worth of new material for less than double the cover price. That’s quite a deal.

Invincible 64Most Violent- Invincible #64

Invincible has always been a no-holds-barred superhero comic, but this recent 4-part arc “Conquest” has easily been the most brutal thing I’ve seen in superhero for a very, very long time. After Conquest murdered Atom Eve last issue (don’t worry, she got better!), you just knew that Invincible was going to layeth the smacketh down on his Viltrumite opponent this issue.

Blood is spilled this issue. Lots of it. Bones are broken. Fists are shattered. Flesh is burned, bruised and bitten. But how do you beat someone to death without the use of either of you arms? Well, you’ve still got a forehead, right?

Most Meta- Legion of 3 Worlds #5

For all his crimes against humanity, Superboy-Prime is sentenced to live the life of an internet troll bashing comic books on the DC forums. Ha!

But maybe the best part of this much-delayed conclusion was what caused Superboy-Prime to be sent back to Earth-Prime. All it took was the same thing that brought back Jason Todd: Superboy punched it into happening. Double ha!